About Us & How We Work

Who We Are

Future of work practitioners and career growth coaches.

Our Purpose

We are on a mission to help professionals activate their purpose, future-poof and transform their careers to spearhead into the future of work.

In our current time where change keeps outpacing itself and the nature of work and life as we know it is changing fundamentally through new technology, AI, deep learning and disruptive innovation, we find professionals keep asking  themselves three major questions:

  • How can I stay relevant with skills eroding rapidly and new digital skills emerging at a similar fast pace?
  • How do I equip myself with new future of work mind-sets, practices and tools to unlock new opportunities?
  • How do I lead from a place of purpose and through technology, whilst innovating and empowering others at the same time?

We have created explorians with the sole purpose to help professionals answer those questions and embrace the future of work ahead of us, whilst leading their teams into a digital future.

Through our future of work coaching programs we help our clients lead with purpose and equip them with a new future of work literacy, powerful career strategies and digital ways of working to be ready for the future.

Meet The Founder
Thorsten Klein

Thorsten is the Founder of explorians, a Workfutures Group brand. He is on a mission to humanise work through digital innovations, human-centred design thinking and helps teams co-create their unique future of work from within.


Thorsten has led eBay Inc’s culture transformation and employee experience efforts out of London and San Jose and was involved in leading eBay’s future of work program globally. Currently, he is leading Coca Cola HBC’s leadership & culture efforts with a focus on bringing the future of work into Coca Cola.
Thorsten has led international and global talent, culture, leadership development and organisational transformation teams across a wide range of business scenarios and market sectors, both in mature and emerging markets for ventures like eBay, Coca Cola, Zurich Insurance, Asian Suntory and 3M Company.
An ICF certified coach and affiliate of the Institute of Coaching, Harvard Medical School, he is also a certified scrum master and trained in design thinking, scenario planning, as well as a range of organisational development tools and psychometrics.
Currently residing in London, Thorsten has lived in Switzerland, the Middle East and Germany and has spent time in North America, Asia and Southern Africa.

Coach Training

  • Certified Stakeholder-Centred Coach, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder-Centred Coaching
  • Systemic Interactive Coach, Artop Institute at Humboldt University Berlin
  • Co-active Coach, The Coaches Training Institute
  • Leader as Coach Trainer, Performance Consultants International
  • Transformational Coaching, Performance Consultants International

Individual Development Tools

  • Korn Ferry Leadership Architect Suite
  • Leadership Versatility Index
  • Hogan Assessments
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • TalentQ Assessments
  • Firo-B Assessment

To find out more, connect with Thorsten on :

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Our Approach

Proven future of work approach paired with agile coaching facilitated by senior future of work practitioners.

Having led mature future of work practices in tech and consumer companies with over a decade of experience in global talent, leadership and organizational development, we have taken the best out of talent development, agile, culture transformation and human-centred innovation and created a future of work approach that is built on practical experience and proven successes.

We use futures thinking, scrum principles, purpose tools and human-centred design thinking in our future of work coaching approach and equip our clients with new strategies and practices to lead in the future of work. Through our agile IDEAS coaching framework, we help professional initiate, discover, equip, align and sustain new thinking in a safe space and offer continuous transition support over an extended period of time if needed.

We work with our clients as a 'whole person' and strive to maximize their purpose, aspirations, individual gifts, as well as their unique emotional, mental and physical capacities that make them resourceful. All our future of work coaching programs are facilitated virtually by senior future of work practitioners who have been there and are able to offer a mature perspective and relevant insights into the future of work.

Accreditations & Affiliations

Certified Professional Co-active Coach from the Coaches Training Institute, USA. CTI is the largest coach training body globally and trained over 55,000 coaches worldwide through their unparalleled coaching program.

Certified Stakeholder Centred Coach through Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coaching. Marshall Goldsmith SCC is the largest executive coach network in the world and a pioneer of leadership coaching and effectiveness.

Certified Systemic-Interactive Coach through the Artop Institute at the Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany. The Artop Institute is a leader in systemic coaching and organization consulting blending cutting edge research and business application.

Certified Leader as Coach Trainer and Transformation Coach through Performance Consultants International (PCI), UK. John Whitmore's PCI are pioneers for performance coaching at work and the originators of the widely used GROW coaching model.

Affiliate of the Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School. The Institute of Coaching at Harvard is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the integrity and credibility of the field of coaching and disseminate coaching's best practices.

Associate Accredited Coach through and Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). The ICF is the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification.