Whole Self at Work

Your Whole Self At Work

Let go of your shield and bring your whole self to work.

You are ‘always on’ and feel you can’t be truly yourself at work or loose control otherwise. You feel the corporate culture requires you to behave in a certain way that might not reflect who you truly are. You might only bring parts of your personality to work and would like to let go of your ‘work persona’, but don’t know how yet. You know that innovation stems from divergence and diverse human experiences and would like to unlock yourself and the people around you to grow everyone and the business.

We help you decompress and let go of your ‘shield’ to bring your whole self to work to enable innovation.

In particular we help you to:

  • Take stock of who you fully are as a person in relation to your career
  • Deconstruct your ‘work persona’ and ‘shield’ to unlock yourself and step into your potential and be more authentic at work
  • Learn to become vulnerable and still be successful at the same time
  • Let go of projected social images and desired expectations
  • Use your personality or ‘inner diversity’ as a source for innovation
  • Learn how to appreciate other people for who they fully are and the real value they bring to your organization and teams
  • Practice how to authentically relate to others and be vulnerable
  • Create inner freedom to bring all parts of your unique personality to work

We know that when people work in an environment where they can bring all parts of their personality to work, they will be more creative, innovative and be at their best.

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Here is how we help today’s
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On Purpose

We help you find deep-felt purpose from within and lead yourself and others from a place of purpose.

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We help you transform your career and explore new digital career pathways.

Future of Work Bootcamp

A 12-week bootcamp to equip you with new future of work practices and accelerate your career.

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