Future of Work Bootcamp

Ready for the future of work?

A 12-week program to future-proof and transform your career.
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The Why

The Future of Work Bootcamp is designed to help you future-proof, reinvent and accelerate your career by equipping you with contemporary future of work practices, new growth strategies and digital ways of working.

We help you turn your current job on its head and facilitate a tribe of carefully selected global professionals who are all on a similar mission to transform their careers by embracing the future of work.

Typically, participants are at a point in their career where they have lived in traditional roles and ways of working for the majority of their work life and recognise that to accelerate and capture new digital opportunities they need to future-proof themselves and embrace new digital ways of working and future of work practices. Other participants are involved in implementing digital transformations and feel the need to ‘upgrade’ their ways of working at the same time to credibly lead their digital transformations from the front.

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About You

You perform your current role with your eyes closed and master most of the challenges.

Your job seems to keep repeating itself in the same or different organizations.

You feel called to do something more innovative and to explore new digital possibilities.

You don’t want to change your current employer, but would like to upgrade your current role and accelerate your career inhouse.

You would like to future-proof your ways of working to confidentially lead your teams and organization into the future.

You feel excited about the future of work and the new possibilities, yet do not quite know how to practically create or capture digital opportunities.

Sounds familiar?

Transform Your Career

We have met a large number of professionals and executives over the years who are leading successful careers to date, yet have come to a turning point as we are entering into a new digital era. The speed of innovation, tech enabled transformations and drive for new learning is greater than ever before with current skill-sets and ways of working becoming increasingly obsolete. The need to rapidly adapt, learn and change our responses has become a new requirement to lead into the future.

We have set-up the Future of Work Bootcamp with the sole purpose to help you generate those new responses, take a step back, reassess and future-proof your career. We will equip you with new future of work practices, powerful career strategies and digital ways of working to lead into a new digital future.

Embrace the future of work.

Ready to future-proof and accelerate your career?

Start your journey!

Your 12 Weeks in a Nutshell:

Week 1 – Career Tribe

  • Future of Work Careers
  • New Career Capital
  • Career Stakeholder Network
  • New Career Pathways
  • Weekly Actions

Week 2 – Career Tribe

  • Humanizing Work
  • Purpose that Transforms
  • The Power of Democratization
  • New Social Consciousness
  • Weekly Actions

Week 3 – Career Tribe

  • The Future of Working
  • Open Systems
  • Eco-system Innovation
  • Value Co-Creators
  • Weekly Actions

Week 4 – Career Tribe

  • Radical Experimentation
  • Deep Human Insights
  • Human-Centred Design Thinking
  • Key Agile Principles
  • Weekly Actions

Week 5 – Career Tribe

  • Why Portfolio Planning is Key
  • Implementing Design Sprints
  • Innovation Workouts
  • Moving to Convergence
  • Weekly Actions

Week 6 – Career Squad Team

  • Career Squad Coaching
  • Progress Review
  • Sharing & Q&A
  • Project Kick-Off
  • Weekly Actions

Week 7 – Career Tribe

  • Digital Leadership Context
  • Digital Leadership Practices
  • Unleashing Your Teams
  • Digital Leadership Routines
  • Weekly Actions

Week 8 – Career Tribe

  • Digital Acceleration Tools
  • Digital Productivity Tools
  • Commercial Growth Tools
  • Digital Tools into Routines
  • Weekly Actions

Week 9 – Career Tribe

  • Personal Career Branding
  • Success Marketing Strategies
  • LinkedIn Acceleration Tools
  • Expanding Your Career Networks
  • Weekly Actions

Week 10 – Career Squad Team

  • Career Squad Coaching
  • Progress Review
  • Sharing & Q&A
  • Career Planning
  • Weekly Actions

Week 11 – Individual Session

  • 1-2-1 Career Coaching
  • Your Career Development System
  • Your Career Transition Plan
  • CV & LinkedIn Profile Review
  • Weekly Actions

Week 12 – Career Tribe

  • Fast Forward into the Future
  • Key Lessons Learned
  • Further Support Available
  • Career Thrive Group
  • Close & Continue

Program Quick Facts

Future of Work Bootcamp Details

Global Virtual Program

The Future of Work Bootcamp is run virtually over 12 weeks and open to a limited number of 20-25 committed global professionals who are ready to embrace the future of work and accelerate their careers.

Key Takeaways
  • Proven practices how to lead with purpose, through empowerment and how to humanize work
  • Insights into how to facilitate eco-system innovation and value co-creator networks
  • Design thinking and key agile principles for rapid user-led experimentation
  • Your own design sprint to accelerate your future of work project inhouse and embed new work practices
  • Insights into how to unleash and empower your teams through new digital leadership practices
  • Swipes how to establish new ways of working, digital leadership practices and routines
  • A variety of digital acceleration and growth tools and how to best apply those in practice
  • Your personal future of work brand and guidance how to position yourself internally
  • 1-2-1 career development and transition coaching
  • A diverse global community of like-minded future of work enthusiasts
  • Our expertise in developing global digital leaders and intrapreneurs across global tech, consumer, financial services and technology brands
  • Weekly Zoom video sessions over the course of 12 weeks
  • Weekly sessions to incubate your future of work project with your squad team
  • Pre-program questionnaire to create focus and set career targets
  • In-depth workbooks & toolboxes for each module
  • Future of work squad team coaching to accelerate your plans
  • Private community page to share your experiences
  • Access to slack and our digital micro learning platform
  • Help desk support Monday – Friday (48hrs or faster)
  • All event recordings

Investment Fees:

Join the Wait List & Pay in Full:

Pay GBP 200 deposit to reserve your seat – then GBP 2,400.

Join the Wait List & Easy Payment Plan:

Pay GBP 200 deposit to reserve your seat – then GBP 800 set-up fee, plus GBP 600 monthly over 3 months.

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Here is how we help today’s
future of work professionals:

On Purpose

We help you find deep-felt purpose from within and lead yourself and others from a place of purpose.


We help you make shifts in your ways of working to successfully lead your teams into the digital era.

New Career

We help you recentre and let go of your work persona to bring your unique whole self to work.

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