The Career Incubator

Ready for a Career Change?

A 12-week program to find new career options and transform your career.
Next Intake: June 15, 2019

The Why

The Career Incubator is designed to help you seed, grow and action new ideas, projects, career or work life changes that lead you to new career opportunities and a fulfilled work life.

We help you turn your work life on it’s head and facilitate a tribe of career changers, explorers and individualists on their unique journey to reinvent themselves and their careers over the course of 12 weeks.

Typically participants are at a point in their work life where they want to try something new and different and are ready to make a significant life or career change to express themselves differently and leave their marks.

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About You

You feel unfulfilled at work and your work life feels like on autopilot.

You are caught up in the corporate treadmill of ever increasing performance expectations and cost cuttings.

You feel stuck in the same tasks or similar type of work and your work life keeps repeating itself in different organisations.

You know there is more to life than ‘living in a career box’ and feel called and ready to explore your imagination and new avenues.

You feel excited about the future of work and the opportunities that are emerging in front of you, yet do not know quite how to capture those.

You know you would like to try something different and more purposeful in the digital space, but just don’t know what and how to practically approach it.

Sounds familiar?

You are not alone.

We know that feeling stuckness too well and have denied ourselves for far too long, whilst trying to climb up the corporate ladder. Having met a large number of people throughout our work life with a similar yearning, we have learned that the biggest fear for most of us is to step out into our own greatness. We have also learned that life is full of possibilities with the future of work emerging in front of us, ready to be taken!

We are here to help you step into you own greatness.
Reclaim ownership for your life.

We have set-up The Career Incubator with the sole purpose to help professionals unlock from where they are and reinvent themselves to live their imagination through the future of work. The possibilities are endless.

Ready to future-proof yourself and create a new career?

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Your 12 Weeks in a Nutshell:

Week 1 – Your Career Tribe

  • The Future of Work
  • Your Career Capital
  • Your Unique Purpose
  • The Triple Bottom-Line
  • New Horizons
  • Weekly Actions

Week 2 – Your Career Tribe

  • Work Life Resources
  • The Power of Values
  • Strengths, Energy & Flow
  • Human Needs
  • Your Vision Board
  • Weekly Actions

Week 3 – Your Career Tribe

  • New Career Futures
  • Career Change Routes
  • Envision Career Futures
  • Career Discovery
  • Career Mentoring
  • Weekly Actions

Week 4 – Your Career Tribe

  • Prototyping Your Career
  • The Skills Economy
  • Career Discovery Insights
  • Your Career Experiments
  • Skills Development Planning
  • Weekly Actions

Week 5 – Career Squad Teams

  • Career Squad Coaching
  • Progress Update
  • Share your Experiences
  • Iterations & Shared Learning
  • Group Support / Q&A
  • Weekly Actions

Week 6 – Your Career Tribe

  • Digital Practices & Tech Tools
  • Biggest Tech Trends
  • Digital Ways of Working
  • Digital Skills Planning
  • Digital Growth Tools
  • Weekly Actions

Week 7 -Your Career Tribe

  • Personal Brand & Acceleration
  • Your Personal Brand
  • Your Digital Brand
  • Digital Growth Hack
  • Career Experiments
  • Weekly Actions

Week 8 – Your Career Tribe

  • Start-up & Transitioning
  • Risk & Transition Options
  • 12-Months Business Case
  • Your Career Transition
  • Career Network Maps
  • Weekly Actions

Week 9 – Career Squad Teams

  • Career Squad Coaching
  • Progress Update
  • Share your Experiences
  • Iterations & Shared Learning
  • Group Support / Q&A
  • Weekly Actions

Week 10 – Your Career Tribe

  • Implementing Career Changes
  • Amplifying the Growth Mindset
  • 90-Days Career Roadmaps
  • Your Transition System
  • Career Roadmap Challenge
  • Weekly Actions

Week 11 – Your Career Tribe

  • Synergy & Breakthroughs
  • Taking Stock & Reflections
  • Setting Clear Intentions
  • The Power of Inner Vision
  • Energizing Your Wildcards
  • Weekly Actions

Week 12 – Your Career Tribe

  • Your Personal Declaration
  • Launching Your Career
  • Taking the Leap
  • Career Thrive Groups
  • 1-2-1 Pathways Coaching
  • Close & Continue

Program Quick Facts

Here is what you get when you join The Career Incubator Tribe.

Global Virtual Program

The Career Incubator is run virtually over 3 months in a tech-enabled, virtual environment and open to a limited and committed group of 20-25 professionals globally.

  • Your personal career change roadmap and implementation plan
  • 90-days tangible career acceleration plans to drive your actions
  • New career capital, fresh experiences and mentorship
  • Your own unique personal brand
  • Personalized skills and career development plans
  • Application of new digital skills and growth tools
  • A new network of professional contacts in your future career area
  • Clarity on and insights into new digital career pathways
  • Insights about the future of work and digital practices
  • A strong sense of purpose and new career vision
  • Clarity on your values, unique strengths and passions
  • A personal inventory of your career networks
  • Our expertise in developing global leaders and intrapreneurs across global tech, consumer, financial services and technology brands.
  • A diverse global community of like-minded professional career changers
  • Weekly Zoom video sessions over the course of 12 weeks
  • Weekly project work to incubate your career with your squad team
  • Pre-programme questionnaire to create focus and set targets
  • In-depth fillable workbooks & toolbox for each module
  • Career squad team coaching to help you accelerate your vision
  • Private facebook page for your tribe only to share experiences
  • Help desk support Monday – Friday (48hrs or faster)
  • All event recordings

Investment Fees:

Pay in Full:

Your program investment fees are GBP 2,200 to register and book your place on the Career Incubator

Easy Payment Plan:

Initial deposit of GBP 600 to register and book your place plus GBP 600 per month for the following 3 months.

Next Upcoming Programs:

The Career Incubator Next Intake – Start June 15, 2019

The Career Incubator Next Intake – Start October 15, 2019

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Here is how we help today’s
future of work professionals:

On Purpose

We help you find deep-felt purpose and create a new version of  yourself and your career.


We help you make shifts in your ways of working to successfully lead yourself and others in the digital era.

New Career

We help you transform your career and generate new purposeful digital career pathways.

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