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Career Incubator Q&A

How will I know if The Career Incubator is right for me?

You are at a turning point in your career and would like to explore a different career path yet are not quite sure what and how to go about it practically. You feel the urge to change your current situation and are ready to invest in yourself now and can commit 5-8h time per week over 12 weeks to join a tribe of like-minded professionals on their career reinvention journey. If you are ready to transform your career and take action, this program will be right for you. Get in touch if you are unsure to find out more.

What type of program is it – coaching or training?

The Career Incubator is a bespoke group coaching program facilitated by one of our senior future of work practitioners with a focus on action learning and implementing career insights from the weekly modules into your own reality and career action plan. You will work within your career tribe and small career squad teams to reflect your thinking and sound off action plans, whilst being coached by a senior future of work practitioner along your career transformation journey. Our microlearning platform is available to support you during the weekly modules and if you would like to further deep dive into some of the content.

How does a program week look like?

Each week will start with a facilitated Zoom video session per module, followed by two Q&A video sessions later in the week to clarify any questions that have emerged. Participants will have access to our microlearning platform, session-related video content, toolkits, worksheets and swipes to work through with their career squad teams after each module. In parallel, you will have access to Slack chat channels and a private community page to share your experiences with your tribe and squad teams and ask any further questions you might have. Career squad teams meet once a week independently, typically towards the weekend to work through their actions together and get feed-forward.

What results can I expect?

it all depends on you and how much effort you put into the program and into taking action. Typically results are guaranteed if you make the program an area of focus in your life for the next 3+ months and are engaged in capturing key learnings and insights and adapting those to your situation by taking action. Career change usually takes 3-9 months, depending on your skill-sets, role, function and industry and the change you would like to make. We expect you to carry on with your personal rebranding and networking for some time after the program and support you further along the way if needed.

Who are my fellow program participants?

You will be part of a carefully selected group of 20-30 global professionals who are all on a similar mission to reinvent themselves and transform their careers. We do not mass-enroll participants like other programs and place an emphasis on working with a carefully selected diverse group of people, who will benefit from eachothers’ experiences throughout the program. People who join the program usually range from professionals with 5+ years of experience, freelancers with portfolio careers, contractors,‘latent job quitters’,to fresh job seekers, as well as senior managers who want to do something different in the later parts of their career.

What happens if I need to leave the program?

As this is a bespoke and facilitated group program which leans on collaborating with fellow professionals in tribes and squad team, we do not recommend you to leave the program at any point in time in order not to disrupt the program and career transformation efforts of your fellow peers. If you have to leave the program though for reasons outside your own control, we might offer you a place in one of our next programs instead or a refund of 50% of the program fee if you leave within the first two weeks. If you leave after two weeks refunding does not apply.