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Your job feels like on autopilot at times and your career does not seem to take you to new places. You might feel stuck in the same tasks or similar type of work and your work life keeps repeating itself in different roles or organisations. You have the ambition to try something new and more innovative and to explore different digital areas, but just might not know what and how to practically approach it. You have a few hunches that you would like to test and explore further in your own organisation and/ or externally and seek new career perspectives.

We help you explore new career paths and digital career tracks that lean on the future of work.

In particular we help you to:

  • Refresh your work purpose, career capital and networks
  • Identify transferable experiences for digital work opportunities
  • Evaluate digital career tracks and possible portfolio careers
  • Develop a number of new digital career scenarios
  • Gain new skills and experiences through fast career experiments
  • Prototype new career opportunities in real life
  • Evaluate new career opportunities through a future of work lens
  • Create a purpose-led career development plan and roadmap
  • Transition your career and generate a practical 90-day plan

Ready to ground your career in purpose and design with the end in mind? We are here to help you break free and unlock yourself for fresh and impactful career opportunities.

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Here is how we help today’s
future of work professionals:

On Purpose

We help you find deep-felt purpose from within and lead yourself and others from a place of purpose.

The Career

A 12-week program to help you re-set and reinvent you career to live your purpose at work.

Whole Self at

We help you recentre and let go of your work persona to bring your unique whole self to work.

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