Spot Coaching for High Stake Situations

Coach Sparring Partner

We coach you through high stake work challenges step-by-step.

You are facing a significant high stake work situation that might impact you personally, your career or business success. You feel unsure about how to address it and not entirely equipped to steer the situation towards the outcomes you are trying to achieve. You know that you need support and a sparring partner who helps you manage through the decision points and stakeholder interactions along the way.

High stake challenges we support are, e.g. sales pitches, critical career moves, sensitive performance conversations, high stake contract negotiations, difficult client presentations, managed exits etc.

We co-develop a robust plan for action with you to solve your specific challenge and equip you to confidently lead it through the key decision points towards the outcomes you desire.

In particular we help you to:

  • Scope the situation and map your desired outcomes
  • Identify impacts and possible trade-offs for each decision point
  • Gain clarity about stakeholders, their perspectives and interests
  • Develop a few robust scenarios how to navigate your situation
  • Develop and test scripts and dry-run your critical meeting
  • Manage your critical meeting and all sequences end-to-end
  • Develop pre/post meeting communications to stakeholders
  • Follow-up on actions after your critical meeting to sustain the gain
  • Close the situation successfully for all stakeholders involved

We work with you on-demand with 48h notice and support you with live chats throughout your critical meeting and follow-up on next steps after your meeting to secure the desired outcomes.

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